Get out of the boat and answer the call

Psalm 77 and Matthew 14:22-34

When the disciples heard Jesus beckon them they had to leave everything: their family, friends, jobs and all sense of security. Peter even had to leave the boat.

But as they sat in the boat and the winds shook them and the waves crashed over them they must have been asking where is Jesus?? What’s he playing at?? Why isn’t he helping us?? Their entire focus was on the storm, all they could see was the apparent disaster unfolding before them. They neglected to see that Jesus was with them in prayer. The passage says that Jesus was praying in the hills as they sailed across the lake and it’s a pretty fair assumption that he mentioned them somewhere. And the Bible says that Jesus is interceding for us too. Surely it should make a big diference in our lives to know that Jesus is speaking to the Father on our behalf? 

So Jesus makes his way out onto the water as the disciples start to really panic. He’s not one to perform miracles for the sake of it or to make himself look good though – he does it to show the disciples, and us, that he has the strength to weather any storm. Jesus is greater than anything we might fear or struggle we might have. And he doesn’t just give us words to believe but shows us in actions, his power and sovereignty. He is in control, whatever the forecast may be.

Is there any statement of faith greater than Peter’s words: “tell me to come to you on the water”? God’s call on our lives can seem an impossible task or idea but we have to get out of the boat! And Peter didn’t hold onto the boat or use a safety line; he let go of the boat. Jesus requires the same of us.

When we face the storm we can start to doubt as Peter did. But in reality where’s the competition between Jesus and the waves?? What have they got on him?

The challenge for discipleship is to trust Jesus in the face of the storm and to know he will overcome it.


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