Well right now I’m in Rome!!

Has been a long day – 0630 start after a late night thanks to the usual last minute packing rush – but a relatively good one.

Two flights makes it pretty good to start with. I love flying – it never fails to amaze me that these metal boxes, with a couple of hundred people in them, that weigh tonnes, can get into the air and stay there. And I love it once you’re in the air, above the clouds and the view just goes on forever. It’s always so beautiful.

I was also in Terminal 5 at Heathrow for the first time today – it’s huge!! And there are too many (very expensive) shops – I was half tempted to go into Tiffany’s just to say I had but thought my jeans, hoodie and rucksack might not be approved of 🙂 Instead I spent the time doing my favourite thing to do in airports: find a deserted gate and sit and watch the airplanes take off.

First thing I learned about the Itlalians today: they are CRAZY drivers!! Speed limits don’t exist to them. Lanes don’t exist to them. Other drivers don’t exist to them. And pedestrians certainly don’t exist to them. The taxi ride from the airport was great fun but you’ve got to be really careful when your walking around.

We drove around the edge of the Vatican (couldn’t see much of it though) but if you lean / throw yourself out of one of the apartment windows you can see the top of St. Peter’s Basillica – hopefully will be heading that way soon. We went to a lovely little restaurant for dinner and I had my first proper Italian calzone. We walked up to the Trevi Fountain – word’s can’t describe it so have a picture instead:

Even that’s not actually sufficient – it’s huge and amazing and . . . just really cool!

Now I’m shattered and my legs are killing me but I’m looking forward to tomorrow 🙂





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