Rome – Day 2

Temperature: must have hit 27/28 degrees C

Distance walked: too far!!


Today we went to the Colosseum. Was really good. It’s amazing that they built something like that so long ago and we’re still essentially building the same things today, but even with (supposedly) better tools and materials there’s no way our stadiums will still be standing in 2000 years.






My achievement for the day though was getting lost in the Colosseum! Got distracted then suddenly the family weren’t there and it turned out, that I had decided to go left when they had gone right. They found me though, form the other side of the arena and their fanatic waving meant I found them in the end 🙂

Then we went round the Forum – lots of ancient Roman ruins – which was really interesting. Again, that all these things have survived is incredible. To know that people lived in those buildings and walked on those streets so long ago doesn’t really compute. This is a picture of part of it. In the bottom left ou can see my dad and my brother – that’s how HUGE those arches are!











As we walked back to the apartment we stopped for ice cream in this really posh ice cream place – reviewed by the New York Times and everything! Have to say though, their banana ice cream was the most banana-y ice cream I’ve ever had – amazing!! We walked back through the really posh bit of town (past the Spanish Steps – apparently they’re famous!?) with shops like Gucci, Bulgari, Tiffany’s, Chanel, Yves Saint Laurents, Armani etc. etc. Scared me more than a little bit.

Things I’ve seen today:


  • an American tourist with a Barack Obama badge on (!!)
  • Children on a school trip recording what the tour guide was saying with their mobile phones (!)
  • an advertising poster with a woman being squashed by a piece of pasta (?!)
  • 12 nuns
  • 7 priests
  • a lot of motorcades for important people


Prayer for my knees would be much appreciated – they’re not really coping with the walking!!

Off to the Vatican tomorrow!! Will tell the Pope you all say hi 🙂


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