Rome – Day 4

Temperature: Just right!!

Distance Walked: manageable

Pictures: (working on it – facebook is being annoying)

Today was a bit more “okay so what now . . .” – we went to the pantheon for dad, a few churches for mum, an ice cream hop for me and for adam . . . well he just wanted to go home so didn’t really get much say!

The Pantheon was cool – as dad has told me a hundred times in three days, it was the biggest concrete structure in the world for 1600 years until the 1960s when they built something bigger in America. It’s just this humungous dome which we would kind of take for granted if it was built today but that they did it all that time ago is seriously impressive!

The churches today varied – most were very ornate but the last one we went to was  better: slightly plainer and the majority of it was closed to tourists so people could pray – which I liked. The size of them all though is just immense and inside, if it weren’t for all the tourists taking pictures, there’s a real sense of awe and ” we want to build this and make it beautiful for God”. How much he appreciates it I don’t know but to worship there would certainly be an experience.

After lunch we wandered round the stalls of paintings in the square and Dad bought me one – not having any money is brilliant!! We had some more ice cream and climbed all one hundred and thirty of the Spanish Steps – completely knackered me but the view was very much worth it.


Tomorrow mum and I are going to the Church of Scotland here, then there’s only one more night till we’re home!!


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