Rome – Day 5

Temperature: 25 degrees C 

Distance Walked: quite far but I coped


Nuns seen: 36

Today was a good day!! Havn’t really been loving Rome so far but something changed today and now I don’t really want to have to come home tomorrow.

This morning mum and I went to St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church of Scotland. It was a very traditional service but I quite enjoyed it all the same. The congregation was very mixed – people from quite literally all over the world – and every one was really welcoming. 

We spent the majority of the afternoon in a lovely little cafe – had lunch, then coffee, then cake, then more coffee – must ahve sat there for at least two hours and if we hadn’t wanted to go and see other things probably could have been there a lot longer. The coffee was fantastic though!! Never had such good coffee in my life! Wasn’t brave enough to go for an espresso (left that to Dad but he had to put A LOT of sugar in it!) but did have two cappuccinos and was bouncing off the walls afterwards!!

Then we went to a couple of Jesuit Churches – Gesu Church and the Church of St. Ignatius of Loyola. St. Ignatius played a massive part in the counter – reformation and built the Gesu Church to be as ornate as possible to really show off in front of the protestants. He persecuted the protestants very heavily but I can forgive him for that because this church is spectacular . . . there just aren’t words and I’m not sure the pictures will do it justice. The other is very similar in style and I could happily have sat in one or other for days and never gotten bored or lost interest. These have by far been my favourite churches – even better that St. Peter’s Basilica and more impressive than the Sistene Chapel in my opinion.


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