Soul Food

Just over a year ago I, along with a couple of other folk in my year, started a an SU style group at school. It was certainly a learn on-the-job type thing and could be chaotic, to say the least. It never became what I had hoped to start but something quite different – I can see now that God very much had a plan.

Today we met again for the first time this year and were attempting to think about God as creator. I may have made a mistake in deciding we’d make origami birds but when we finally did get round to the Bible, it was clear they were ready to ask questions and discuss it all. 

The most fantastic thing for me, was seeing those who, at the start of last year, had declared no faith in God, bringing their own Bibles. God is awesome. He did that. The change and growth in them is phenomenal. Only God does that.


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