Lord God Almighty

On Sunday evening, Tom and I went to a thing about 24-7 prayer at Oldmachar church which the YWAM team were leading.

We spent some time praying, using different creative prayer stations, one of which was to do with worship and was about considering different names of God. There were lots of bits of paper on the wall and table with different names of God found in Scripture.

At the end Ian started to hand them out and gave one to me which simply says:


He said he felt he should give that one to me, specifically, so I accepted – a little sceptical and not really understanding.

But already, in the space of 48 hours, remembering that the Lord God is ALL MIGHTY has really helped me.

There’s a couple of things stressing me out but God is bigger than them, has power over those situations and is ultimately in control. He is the Lord God Almighty.


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