Lunch with the YuF

Yesterday, after the morning service the yuf came to mine for lunch – twelve whole people relying on me to provide them with food!! Spent Saturday cooking (yes, all day!) and we had spaghetti bolognase, macaroni cheese, sticky toffee pudding and chocolate brownies. I’m not a great cook so the fact that everything was edible and both the kitchen and myself are still in one piece is quite an achievement. 

We hadn’t all gotten together since the summer and decided that, as a few of them were joining the church and Stef was up from Edinburgh for the weekend, we should do something. It was so great to see Harry, Ciaran, Kirsty, Kathryn and Chelsea professing faith yesterday – I’ve known them all for a while now and, being one of the eldest of the group, feel a certain responsibility towards them. I certainly care a great deal for them all and have watched them grow in faith over the past couple of years. God’s been doing great things in their lives and I’m sure He will continue to.


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