family and decorations

My mum and dad have been married for twenty years but they still argue over family Christmas traditions. My dad inherited some pretty tacky Christmas decorations which used to be hung up all over his house in Belfast when he was a kid. Our collection has somewhat depleted over the years but there’s still enough to do the ceiling of the dining room. However, mum absolutely detests them – always has but we’ve usually won the battle, putting them up when she’s at work so she hasn’t had a choice. Apparently it’s because they never did it in  her home when she was a kid. This afternoon though I got a bit carried away with the Christmas spirit and made paper chains – a lot of paper chains! We strung them all along the kitchen and dining room ceilings – they’re beautiful!

The family are also beginning to descend. My granny arrived on sunday and my aunt and her dog arrived today. Love them dearly but remembering that can be hard at times. The dog in particular can make it very difficult. It’s funny how differently people do things or treat you when they haven’t seen you in a while. I only see my Granny once a year and she tends to forget that I’m almost eighteen and able to fend for myself. Nana and Papa arrive tomorrow and it will be a properly full house for three days. It’s how Christmas is meant to be for me though – it’s how it always is – without them it would feel empty.


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