Country Drives and a Bruised Arm

Yesterday, Kirsty and I embarked upon, what we hope will be, the first of many driving adventures.

It wasn’t actually that much of an adventure because I knew where I was going (roughly) but the majority of it was pointless so it counts!

We went to the Sand Dollar Cafe for lunch – very nice as always and then drove all the way out to Newburgh. I’ve decided this is my favourite drive. Right along the dual carriage way, past Balmedie until it’s back to two lanes, turn off towards Newburgh and go through the town past the very nice new townhouses. Then you go over a little bridge and follow the road along the River Ythan. Eventually you get to the top of the hill, turn left down a single track road and the view is just spectacular – I have to slow right down to about twenty and just take a minute to look at it, right across the river valley to Bennachie. There’s some fun to be had on tight bends, tiny bridges and very steep hills but we returned in one piece and went to Stirling for some coffee.

When we got back I went to donate blood. My iron level wasn’t high enough so I had to give a proper test tube sample so they could more accurately test my haemoglobin. Failed that too. No donation for me today. However, the fun didn’t end there! By the time I had walked across the car park and into church, my arm had swelled to about twice its normal size – not cool! I went back across and they had me lie down and apply pressure, eventually putting a pressure bandage on it and sending me on my way.

By the end of the evening service it was cutting off the circulation to my by now funny grey coloured hand. I took it off and everbody fussed for a bit – they wouldn’t even let me drive home so mum and dad had to come and pick up the car.

Today, my bruise looks like this:


Bruised Arm

Bruised Arm

Trust me it feels worse than it looks. In fact, that looks quite pathetic doesn’t it. I’m pretty sure it’ll get worse – I bruise like a peach normally.


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