A good day

I’ve had such a good day today that I’ve decided to tell you all about it 🙂

Started with a bit of a lie in then english at 10. Spent the lesson anotating a poem by Carol Ann Duffy about a Native American who sells his land to a Dutch Settler, it’s called Selling Manhattan. We have to do eighteen of Duffy’s poems this year and have looked at just over half of them now. Usually, I hate them but today’s was quite good.

After school I decided to go for a bit of a drive. Out into the country a little bit, back through the Bridge of Don, then along Anderson Drive and into town. Ended up at the beach and decided it was such a nice day I’d get out and go for a walk. It was so peaceful and calm. On my way back to the car I had myself an ice cream – white chocolate.

Came home and decided it was time to wash the car. I’ve been meaning to do it for weeks and finally got round to it – I’d forgotten how much work it takes and how long too, so an hour and a half later it was sparkling beautifully in the sun (well it sparkled more than it had this morning at least!). 

I did a little bit of work on my RMPS dissertation later in the afternoon. Have I mentioned it’s about monks?? Their very cool, really fascinate me. I’m going to Pluscarden Abbey near Elgin this weekend to meet some real life monks and ask them about their lives. Hopefully I’ll get round to posting some of the stuff I’ve found out on here at some point.

After that I went to Tesco. Mum’s decided I should learn to cook before I go to Uni so every Wednesday night I have to cook dinner. Today though, she decided I only had a fiver to spend. Hunted through my Jamie Oliver cook book and decided chicken korma wouldn’t be too expensive as most of the ingredients were already in our cupboards. When I came out of Tesco I went to get petrol, the tank was almost empty and I’ve been making a lot of pointlessly long detours, only to discover I couldn’t find my purse! I’d only gone and left it in the trolley at the front door of Tesco!! So I raced back up the car park and thankfully it was still there.

I got home and started to make dinner. It all worked out for once – I managed to get the quantities right and everything.

I like good days 😀


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