Deep Impact 3

Saturday Morning Main Session – Exodus 3:1-14 & 4:1-5 – Pete Gilbert

Exodus 3 – 4:5 Moses and the Burning Bush

The burning bush wasn’t significant – it happened all the time due to the heat of the desert – but what was siginificant was that it wasn’t burning up. God can use the ordinary and insignificant to communicate awesomeness.

Moses had been a nomadic shepherd for forty years – God uses the nobodies for His work.

Ch 3 v 11 – “Who am I?”

What has God called you to? What position within the Church are you created for? . The Church which Christ died for. Church in greek is “ecclesia” and literally means “a people called out of”. This is the Church which is the body of Christ – a body which is moving, growing, changing. The Church who is a bride – in loving relationship, with God and each other, meaning accountability, transparrency, honesty and vulnerability. The Church which is a building – made of living stones, anointed by the Holy Spirit upon the foundation of Christ. But it’s not finished, the work is ongoing. The church which is a battalion – fighting against the enemy (but we should ensure there isn’t friendly fire, that we’re not fighting amongst ourselves). Moses believed he was a nobody, but God didin’t see it that way.

Ch 3 v 13 – “Who are you God?”

Our picture of God will never be big enough, no matter how big you make it, He’s bigger!

Our God is an unchanging God who is constantly variable. (love that description by the way!)

Ch 4 v 2 – “What is that in your hand?”

God knows the answer – obviously!! He asks because He wants to help Moses understand the significance of the insignifcant. A regular stick bcame a potent symbol.

God gives Moses authority over the Enemy – he is able to pick the snake up!

What has God put in your hand?

To be honest, I haven’t a clue what He’s put in mine. I’ve no idea what God’s got in plan for me or is preparing me for or even what particular gifts He’s given me. I don’t want to blow my own trumpet but I’m pretty able to accomplish whatever I put my mind to (except sport!). I could do anything I wanted with my life: medicine, engineering, business, teaching . . . whatever I wanted. Where I’ll end up, I’ve no idea.


One thought on “Deep Impact 3

  1. Moses’ “burning bush” was a natural electrical corona discharge. This same phenomenon also appears elsewhere in the Old Testament. The Old Testament is filled with phenomena outside modern experience which are typically erroneously rejected as fantasy. But rational explanations exist.

    For examples and explanations of many of these see

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