J.John Conference – Part 3


I don’t think any of us would be ashamed of acknowledging that we’re a bit dysfuntional. Most of us would also admit tat we could do with a bit of healing in one area of our lives or another because we’ve all got hurts, hang-ups or habits.

On Tuesday at Kidsplus I was teaching the children the story of Jesus healing the Leper, and we prayed together for God to heal something physical in the life of someone we know, to heal an emotional hurt in our own life and to heal a relationship. Christ healed many. God is a God of healing – He offers it to us all. I believe God heals, I really do, but I am also sceptical and I think that that’s probably because it wasn’t something mentioned at church, or in my life at all, till I was about 16.

J.John really challenged me on this though. He said that the church had abdicated its responsibility to healing. We should be praying for the ill in our congregations but also practically doing what we can for them. The example he gave was paying for a hip replacement to be done privately when it would leave the person suffering for months if they stayed on an NHS waiting list.

The Body of Christ is made up of many parts – that’s many people with many talents and professions and we should be using them within our congregations to offer healing ministries for those who need them.

J.John offers a prayer for healing at every meeting he is a part of, he makes it a priority and he perseveres because God honours perseverance. I can’t really imagine what the reaction would be if my minister was to start praying for healing for members of our congregation in services. I know it happens individually but to make it a part of a service . . . I honestly don’t know if people would be okay with it or not.

Spiritual Gifts

J.John spoke about how our churches are built upon volunteers now and more often than not we’re willing to give anyone a go at anything. But he says that instead we should be seeking to help people discover their spiritual gifts and allow them to use them, to fulfill the purpose for which God created them.

Tom did a series over the summer last year with the youth about spiritual gifts and, whilst it was really good, I’m still none the wiser as to what mine are! I just don’t know. I am sure though that in time God will reveal them to me and put me in situations where I can explore and use them.

We’re each gifted in one way or another and God’s got a job for us within His Kingdom. We need to discover what we’re meant to be doing and we should be excited to do it too! – there should be an attitude of service instilled in each of us, for even Christ came not be served but to serve.


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