Like old times

Just in having spent the evening with my oldest friend – as in, I’ve known her longer than all my other friends, not as in she is the eldest of all my friends. 

It was really lovely to catch up and it being just us made it feel like old times. We took a bit of a cruise over to Asda at Garthdee, really just for the sake of it but the hour drive there and back meant plenty time for talking. We spoke about everything from the drama in other poeple’s lives, to the drama of prom and then the drama of our own lives. We are so totally different, you’d never think we could be friends, but they do say opposites attract and we’ve stuck together through thick and thin for almost a decade and a half now(!!).

I really take this friendship for granted. After fourteen years I kind of just expect it to always be there, for her to always be there. But we were speaking tonight about uni and it hit me that she’s staying here, I’m going away and it’s not going be like that anymore. I’ve always known the day would come but it’s suddenly imminent and that’s wierd. 

I haven’t been a very good friend to the folks at school recently. I haven’t really seen them properly in months. It’s about time I made more of an effort. There are less than seven months to go, after all.


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