Being Blogless

This is going to make me sound really really sad but I’m not that bothered:

Not being allowed on my computer for 24hours was hard.

I’m a little OCD about checking my emails so not doing that all day nearly drove me a little crazy. 

I’ve become so attached to this thing (my blog) that I now find myself thinking in terms of what would make a good post and what wouldn’t. Lots of things happened last week, over the weekend and yesterday that I wasn’t able to write about and that frustrated me.

I’m not sure why yesterday was any different to my weekend without my laptop, in Aviemore in January, where I coped just fine.

Maybe it was because it was sitting right there and I could easily have opened it whereas in Aviemore there was no temptation.

I think a decent amount of separation at some point would probably be very good for me but, right now, I’ve got a list of stuff to post!!


One thought on “Being Blogless

  1. Hmmm… yes I know what you mean! I find that I spend so much time trying to fit my life into the blog that I forget that the blog should instead fit around my life!!!

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