So much to do, so little time

Some of you probably think, with the number of times I post a week, even a day, that I have nothing better to do with my time. I thought I’d share with you the list of of things I have to do next week, to prove that this is by no means the case:

In the course of the week I have to write three to four thousand words about monks. It has to be done next week or it never will. I also have to go through my english dissertation with a fine tooth comb and re-draft it (despite a severe lack of instruction from my tutor).

On Monday the . . . let’s call it discipleship group, which I run at school is starting again after a two week break for my exams. I have to decide on a topic for the next four weeks and prepare the stuff to happen on Monday. I’m also leading the church prayer meeting on Monday night so need to come up with something interesting to say for that.

On Tuesday it’s my turn to lead the lunch club at the local primary school. I love this group – they may all be really hyper and quite silly but there are times when they can really surprise you. It’s quite a difficult group of 5-8 P6 girls of various abilities and concentration spans, making planning how to keep them interested good fun. On tuesday we’re looking at the next part of the Easter story (though, I haven’t decided what the “next part” is yet).

On Thursday, I’ve been given an amazing opportunity to lead short RE lessons with the P3 class I help in, teaching them the easter story over the next few weeks. Need to figure out which bits to do when and how. These are the most disciplined and well behaved eight year olds I’ve ever met, it’s a little scary at times. It’s not often you get a chance to tell kids about the death and resurrection of Christ in a class setting like this, so I’ve got to be sure to make the most of it.

Then, on Friday, I’m leading my first assembly!! I’ve tagged along to and helped out at a few now but on Friday it’s my turn. I’m a little nervous. It’s part three of the Joseph story – all about Benjamin and the brothers with the cup. I’m looking forward to it but aware that there’s quite a lot of pressure to keep fifty odd kids entertained for 20-30 minutes!

I also have two on-going church projects that I really need to make a good start on this week.

My mum likes to tell me I’ve taken on too much. I like to think that with God’s strength anything is possible. And it’s about time I got my act together, stopped being lazy and worked hard. Remembering how may be the problem though.


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