There hasn’t been much happening around here the past week or so, simply because I haven’t had time to write anything major (I’m a slow thinker and typer so big posts can take between 30 minutes and an hour to write). I’ve got so many things going on at the minute that it’s ridiculous but they are all brilliant and necessary and I’m just chipping away at the mountain of work little by little.

You might have noticed something new over there >>>
I have indeed jumped on the twitter bandwagon. Originally it was so I could follow other people but having discovered I can update facebook from it and send an RSS feed over here I’m actually using it properly. This way, even though I’m not posting as much you’ll still know what I’m up to (because even my thinking and typing speeds allow for 140 character long updates).

Tomorrow night is the night I have been dreading since, probably middle of fourth year – that 2 1/2 years for those of you not so quick with the math. Prom. I’m dreading it more now than ever. Having to get all dressed up and make all that effort for one night just doesn’t seem worth the hassle (or money) to me. I also feel alot of pressure to make a decent effort and look halfway nice – I don’t want to ruin everyone else’s pictures and memories. I’ll let you know how it all goes.

This afternoon, Ireland won the Six Nation Grand Slam. As I write this I’m sitting in my Ireland shirt, very, very happy. It was such a good game – came right down to a Welsh kick in the last couple of seconds which they thankfully missed. Nail biting stuff but after 61 one years Ireland have the grand slam again 😀

That’s about it for just now. I’ll keep the wee posts coming and try to get back to regular posts once I get back on top of my workload.


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