RMPS Dissertation

Incase you didn’t notice/couldn’t tell from the twitter updates about twenty minutes ago I finished my RMPS dissertation. It’s 5009 words, 13 pages, has taken me three months and is the most I’ve ever written about anything! I’m very proud of it, though I could have written so much more – monasticism is a never ending topic.

My actual task was “Discuss the contemporary relevance of monasticism”. And yes, it really is far more fascinating than it sounds! I spoke a lot about traditional monasticism – why it was relevant when it emerged a 1600 years ago, why it can still be relevant today – about my visit to Pluscarden and my interview with Brother Michael, about New Monasticism  – Shane Claiborne amongst others – and its relevance too. 

Hopefully I’ll get it online at some point though probably not for a while – don’t want any plagerism issues. Though, if you want a read, once it’s re-drafted and edited so I’m completely happy with it, I can send/give you a copy.

I’m going to Kilau tonight with Faye and Laura and may treat myself to a large hot chocolate with all the toppings as a reward – I think I deserve it!!


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