24hr Prayer and fasting – complete

It’s all over. After all that build up it’s been and gone already. 

It was a long night of very little sleep (think I got about 2 hours) but totally worth it. A lot of the time in the prayer room I wasn’t actually saying much to God, just sitting, contemplating, thinking. Sometimes something would come to mind and I’d write it on the walls or I would talk to God about it. Most of the time I was just enjoying the peace and sense of God’s presence. 

I was somewhat taken aback me everybody’s response. They keep tell me that I did a great job but I just put soem stuf in a room: God put it on people’s hearts to pray and brought them to the room. It was His work and He’ll continue to do the work as He answers prayers and works in hearts. 

My prayer and belief is that this is only the beginning; that God has great plans for the prayer life of our church and that from this 24hrs, seeds that were planted will grow and be harvested. I don’t know what God was doing in people’s hearts, only they can tell you that, but He will continue that. We might not see huge changes immediately, God works in His own time, but I was told that this was a significant event in the life of our church and I believe that to be true.

Praise God who hears our prayers, answers our petitions and speaks to us too.


One thought on “24hr Prayer and fasting – complete

  1. “a significant event in the life of our church”

    God using a 17-year-old to organise “a significant event” is a marvellous thing. It shows that God uses everyone, young and old, to do his works.
    I wonder what He’s doing with the Under-5s….

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