Today is my 18th Birthday. 

I’m officially an adult.

The celebrations started about a week ago, with cake at Stef’s as I mentioned previously. Then on Saturday night we had a ceilidh for Ruth’s birthday, my birthday and Dave and Angie’s wedding anniversary. Today I had a pre-birthday birthday because my family were returning home and my dad was going to edinburgh for work, so we went out for lunch and opened presents this afternoon. There was also yet more cake at Bible Study tonight. Tomorrow, it’s off to a yet to be disclosed (i.e. Stef hasn’t decided) location for lunch with Stef and Kirsty, then dinner with school friends tomorrow night. Most definitely the longest and probably the best birthday yet!

I have been overwhelmed by everyone’s kindness and effort in celebrating this with me. Honestly don’t think I’ve had this many birthday cards since primary school and some of the sentiments written within or said to me, have left me speechless. My friends are truly the best. I am incredibly blessed. Thank you everyone!

You’re sick of hearing this I know, but every time I’m able to accept just a little bit more that people actually care about me, I can’t help but think of September and leaving them all behind. I hate it. 

But enough moping! There’s more celebrating to be done. It has just gone midnight after all and though I’m an adult I think I get more immature by the day.

The past eighteen years have been immense. Bring on the next one!


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