Nightline Satan Debate

I finally got round to watching the debate on Nightline which aired a couple of months ago about the existance of Satan.

First off, the fact that something like this makes it onto television amazes me because it just wouldn’t happen here. I don’t remember ever having seen anything in a similar vein on British television. We’ll debate science and politics and money and just about anything because we love a good argument but we will not go near God or faith. It’s just not something we like to discuss – the way we work in personal bubbles of individualism means personal beliefs, more often than not, aren’t to be voiced and certainly aren’t up for discussion. I think it’s a real shame that we’re so concerned with offending people and so wrapped up in our belief that what’s fine for me is fine for me and what’s fine for you is fine for you, that we won’t even talk about things any more! Let’s get stuff out in the open and discuss it already!

It makes for interesting and, at times, infuriating viewing. The two who oppose the existance of the Devil – Deepak Chopra and Carlton Pearson – got on my nerves quite a lot, especially as the second calls himself a bishop but seems to think you can get to Heaven any way you want. Annie Lobert’s testimony is incredibly powerful – the work God has done in her life is so obvious – and Mark Driscoll takes the whole debate and makes it about Jesus at every opportunity, getting the gospel out there on national television; he doesn’t rise to the baiting of his opponents but in his own gracious manner speaks the truth.

I really recommend that you watch it if you haven’t already.


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