Pray for Holiday Club

Only a few months till the church’s annual holiday club!! It’s grown a lot since it’s humble beginnings with a few primary school kids: now we’ve got 120 children, a youth programme, a parents cafe and this year there’ll be a couple of other new things to add to the programme too. All this could only, of course, have come about by the grace and power of God who has blessed and equipped us beyond what we could imagine. It’s an honour to be a part of all of it and to be a part of this opportunity to impact our community in this way.

We can’t do it without God though which is why it is so important to give it over to Him in prayer and this year I’m in charge of organising prayer!!

First thing you can do is bookmark the Holiday Club Prayer Twitter page. You don’t have to sign up to be able to view it which is very handy as I aim to update it everyday with something to pray for – from meetings that are being held, decisions being made, the kids, their families and the programme. We’ll also be updating it regularly through the week of holiday club so people not able to be there can know what’s going on and be praying for it all – we’re all in this together!

I’ll also be putting prayer points in the weekly notice sheet and out via the email prayer list.

There’ll be a few evening in the lead up to the week for Painting and Prayer (and possibly Pizza!) I’m in charge of set and hall decoration too so will be combining these for some great nights of fellowship and worship in preparation.

During the week of Holiday Club there’ll be a prayer space – not sure if it’ll be on the bus or in a tent yet – where people are free to drop by and pray for everything that’s going on. Anyone can come by for five minutes, thirty minutes, an hour, maybe more if you have the time (!!). It’ll be great!!

I’ve been listening to Mark Driscoll’s sermon series “Pray like Jesus” and have been struck by what he says the prupose of prayer is. We come before God rightly expecting Him to answers our petitions (though His answer could be yes, no or later) but more often the purpose of prayer isn’t to move God’s heart but to change our own. In spending time with God He is able to change and mould us to come into line with his will. So I issue a challenge to myself and the rest of the team and congregation: let’s pray for Holiday Club Week, expecting to be answered but also expecting to be changed that God might use us even more effectively.


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