Please ignore me

I have been complaining a lot recently. Too much. Far too much. About just about everything though mainly my busyness.

I’d like to ask that you forgive me for it, forget about it and ignore me when I inevitably do it again. Most of all do not worry.

My life is manic but I love it. I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s busy with good things, great things, God-given things.

Sure I get a little stressed and work quite a lot with little time for much else but that’s okay.

I was once told that Matthew 11:30 could also be translated as “My yoke is good, my burden is light” – these are the tasks God has given me and they’re good. Even better, is that Jesus says I can give them to Him.

So next time I complain, slap me round the head (gently) and tell me quit it.

Then help me make some time travelling helmets!!!


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