Tonight I was blessed to be able to do a bit of a guest slot as a leader at Drive, the new Tuesday night youth group, as Tom was elsewhere. The kids had some great chat and it was exciting to see them wrestling with some big questions.

We were looking at Acts 13:4-12, Paul’s missionary journey to Cyprus. There was something that really stuck out for me here as I got my head together and was considering what God does in this passage. It’s not as simple as it appears on first glance; it’s not just that God makes the false prophet blind because it also says in verse 4 that Paul is sent “by the Holy Spirit” and in verse 9 that he is “filled with the Holy Spirit” and then able to speak. God not only sends Paul but also equips him and defends him.

This really spoke to me because though I often hear God’s call and am getting better at responding, I’m rubbish at then continuing to rely on God to make me able to do what He’s asked and at trusting him to stick around and help me when it gets difficult.

God trusts us. He only gives us as much of the load as we can bare. He carries the burdens with us. And his call is not an empty one – it’s not a command followed by abandonment – it’s a call to partner with Him in the building of his Kingdom. God sends, equips and defends.

Something I also hadn’t considered but which one of the youth brought up (they’re gonna go a long way that one, I’m telling you!) is that we all have these false prophets in our lives. People and things who distract us from God and fill our minds with lies and corrupt our hearts. But here like in so many other places we are told to destroy such things. We had some great chat about how simply spending time with God and praying to him can help us to combat such negative influences.

I was also challenged this evening about the rubbish that I watch on TV and how hypocritical it is of me to tell the youth how inappropriate it is for them to watch though it’s clear I watch it too. Serious rethink needed there about the rubbish I’m filling my head with. Maybe that’s one of my false prophets that needs eradicating.


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