Daniel 9:17-19 & Proverbs 3:5

Scripture often puts it better than I can. Anyone else get the feeling they’re not the first person to be in whichever situation they find themselves in? These two arose in different circumstances this evening but really struck me.

Daniel 9:17-19
O our God, listen to the prayer of your servant and to his supplication, and for your own sake Lord, let you face shine upon your desolated sanctuary. Incline your ear, O my God, and hear. Open your eyes and look at our desolation and the city that bears your name. We do not present our supplication before you on the ground of our righteousness, but on the ground of your great mercies. O Lord, listen and act and do not delay! For your own sake, O my God, because your city and your people bear your name!

Proverbs 3:5
Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not rely on your own understanding.


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