Well, after my week off I have returned to Facebook and Twitter. I have not, however, reinstalled them on my iPod and am far better at just not going on them on my laptop. I discovered in my week off that they are not as vital as i thought, twitter in particular. I mainly follow people on twitter who I don’t know and whilst their tweets are interesting they do not particularly influence or affect me. Facebook is useful for keeping in touch with people but not vital for survival! I’m updating far less now (which I’m sure folk can only be grateful for, as inane facts about my life no longer dominate their homepages) and the whole thing is stressing me out much less.

I have had further food for thought though becuase the danger last week was that checking my blog stats or email replaced checking facebook and today I learned that one of the blogs I read YSMarko is shutting down because he feels that the blog is one of the things that “consistently eclipse the relationships and values that are actually most important to [him]”.

I’ve been asked a number of times in just the past few days why I blog. I can give you two answers. Both are true, it’s just that one is more true than the other.

  • Blogging gives me time. Time to think. Time to process. Time to remember. Time to study. Time to write. When I need somewhere to write down what’s going on my head it’s right here. When there’s something I need to tell the world I have the space in which to do that. Blogging alows me to digest the world around me and then communicate it again. I was always told, the best way to learn something is to have to teach it to someone else. 
  • Blogging allows me to indulge the attention seeking four year old that still resides within me. I get to believe for a little while that people care what I think and that what I say has an impact. I get to be queen of my own little universe. I watch those blog stats very closely – there’s a part of me that needs to know people are paying me some attention.

I’ll let you decide which is the more true one.

My blog, though it once did, no longer dominates my day. If I don’t post, I get over it pretty quickly. If the stats drop suddenly or decline steadily for a period, I get over it . . . eventually. Could I shut it down though? I’m honestly not sure. Then I’d have to return to good old fashioned paper and pen journaling and where’s the fun in that?! Then my witty and sarcastic comments only make me laugh. My inspiring tales never get to change lives and my rants never get to change the world! (Or not . . you know . . . whatever . . .)

So here are my questions:

  1. Why do you blog? 
  2. If you don’t blog, why do you read blogs? Particularly ones like mine which are really just autobiographies of randoms? 
  3. Do you think your life is better or worse thanks to blogs/ blogging?

And don’t just not bother commenting, I really want to know!!


2 thoughts on “Blogging

  1. I’m sorry, Rach. I’d love to answer your questions but I’m afraid I’ve got to go and check my stats!! Bye

  2. 1: In addition to your reasons, I find it a useful vent to release anger without having to shout at anyone. I also, like David writing Psalms, find it a useful self-help device. Problems usually sort themselves and I remember how big God is by the time I’ve finished writing about them!
    1.1: I started my blog because people kept complaining that they could never figure-out what was going on in my head. So I thought I’d tell them!

    2: I read blogs because they are humorous and interesting…and because I’m nosey!

    3: Not sure. It’s certainly more publicly-known!

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