Skye – part 3

Okay, so now you pretty much have the day by day rundown, I thought I’d also let you in on some of the smaller, slightly more random things that are always the type of things which stand out for me.

First of all is sheep on the road. I got very excited when it first happened and to be honest it never fails to amuse me. It’s just something that I completely associate with Skye and in particular the complete disinterest of the sheep in the cars – their attitude is very much, “I was here first – it’s my piece of road – you will wait your turn”; as they give you a bit of a glare. And of course there’s always a chance of a nice piece of lamb for dinner!

The other thing I really love about Skye are the roads, or more precisely driving on them – it is so much fun!! High speeds (though I, of course, stuck to speed limits!) around windy roads with few other drivers and amazing views. The chance that another car could be hurtling around the blind corner of the single track road right towards you keeps you on your toes and makes it even more exciting. Getting stuck behind tourists only doing thirty does, however, bring out the worst in me. It is so much more challenging and interesting than driving round the suburbs or town centre. We only had one incident of clipped wing mirrors and you just shouldn’t listen to Stef about the overtaking on Loch Ness – I had plenty of time!!

The Gaelic Salms in church on Sunday morning once again gave me goosebumps – there’s just something about it, so beautifully haunting.

Sitting on that rock watching the sunset was quite possibly the most at peace I’ve felt in about a year – all thoughts of work and results and university were forgotten as I considered Stef’s suggestion that God had crafted that view just for us, there and then, to sit and look at. I’m sure many others have been priviledged to enjoy it too but that God knew as he created it that we would one day sit and look at it amazes me.

So that was Skye – now it’s on with life in the real world, at least until my next visit.


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