Twitchers in Denial

So I told you about my parents’ obsession with our resident pigeon, Bob, but it has gotten so much worse since then!

They bought some fancy bird feeder contraption (actually just a pole with numerous feeders, a shelf for bread and a water bowl attached) and now spend a lot of time staring out the conservatory window at all the birds.

They try – without much success – to identify those that land and get very excited when they think it’s a new breed. Mum will also chase away pigeons, crows (one of which has been named Lenin) or seagulls who she thinks are being greedy or scaring away the smaller birds. Dad takes great delight in announcing every tit he thinks comes down whether it be blue, crested or great – because my brother bursts out laughing every time.

It is completely killing conversation at dinner and reminds me of the days when my brother would do anything to watch TV from the table, staring right past you and not listening to a thing you said. Perhaps it would be less annoying if I didn’t sit with my back to the window and could see what was going on.

Despite all this they refuse to admit that they are bird watchers, or twitchers as they are also known. Seriously in denial – Dad will be out with a pair of binoculars any day now.


4 thoughts on “Twitchers in Denial

  1. I take exception to your derision of my bird identifying powers. Having spent many hours as a child with an observer book of birds, I know a Goldfinch from a Great Tit. It is just my eyesight is fading with the passing years and I have trouble with my varifocals. Love Mum

  2. Oi! It will be the MPU with the binos not me. Oh and you forgot to mention Steve and Bobette…

    By the way is it better now that you can see what is going on? 🙂

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