Lack of posts

Apologies for lack of posting this past week though I must warn you it’s not likely to get any better very soon.

I’ve spent most of this week out at the Imagine festival at Inverurie. It’s been great so far with brilliant teaching and worship. God’s doing great things amongst the young people of Scotland and has been at work at Imagine this week. Maybe I’ll get round to sharing some stuff I’ve been learning in the future.

Next week is the annual Holiday Club at our church. 120 children aged between 3 and 11 will descend upon the building every morning whilst their parents, grandparents, neighbours and carers hang out in the tea-room and in the evening the place will be packed with youth types. It’s always an amazing week, the highlight of the year, when we see God plant, grow and harvest many seeds but it’s also the most draining. I’m looking forward to it with some trepidation!

And once that is over I will officially no longer be on church staff but will return to being a normal pleb amongst the congregation. I’m kind of looking forward to that too but don’t really know what I’ll do with myself for four weeks before uni starts.

Oh, and exam results come out next week – they don’t particularly matter, I’m in to uni regardless but it will be interesting to see what happened.

I’ll return to tell you all about all of the above eventually, I promise.


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