Holiday Club

This past week was the annual Holiday Club at church. After months of preparation, organisation and prayer (the tweets have been over there >>) the church was decorated and 140 3-11 year olds descended upon it. They, along with their parents/carers in the tea room and their older siblings in the youth cafe were looked after by a team of about 50 volunteers who engaged them in games, craft, dancing, songs and Bible stories in order to teach them about the plan God has for the world and for them.

It was a brilliant week. Possibly the most relaxed Holiday Club I’ve ever been a part of: everything went very smoothly, we were blessed with fantastic weather and an amazing group of children who were very well behaved and really enthusiastic.It was my first year leading from the front and not being in charge of a group, which probably contributed significantly to my lack of stress. Not being permantently attached to a group or standing behind the children pestering them to keep quiet certainly gives you a completely different perspective on the week. I loved watching the kids singing and dancing, their concentration during the DVD and teaching, and frustration as they tried to remember their memory verses. Being able to float around different groups to see how they did things was great too, as was visiting the tea room to see all the grown ups (not just for the tea and fine pieces, I promise). I was also around for the Strawberry Tea we held for the elderly folk and though I was tired and really wanted an afternoon to sleep, seeing how much they appreciated it and felt loved and cared for because of it, totally made it worth it (the strawberry tarts were pretty good too!).

It was also wonderful to see so many new faces at the service yesterday and hear of lots of people talk about coming regularly or coming to the Christianity Explored course that starts on Thursday.

The whole thing was made even better for me this year by being able to offer up my house as a bit of a base camp whilst my parents and brother were away on holiday. A few folk stayed overnight and other just came to hang out in the afternoons and eat dinner. On a couple of nights we had 9/10 people here – all of whom are still talking about how brilliant Stef’s roast was!S6002861

I loved having everyone together like this – one big family. My family. Love it.

God did awesome stuff last week. Him, not us. Praise God!


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