Happy Blog Birthday!!

Today my blog is 1 year old! Isn’t that nice!!

I can’t believe it’s been a year and I can’t believe how much has happened in that year!

I’ve been reading through some of the posts . . . I’m not sure why you bother . . . but it has been great for me to remember all the ups and downs and to know God’s faithfulness throughout it all. Reading the posts is probably more interesting for me than you, especially the more cryptic ones where you surely haven’t a clue what’s going on!

Some stats for you:

410 posts

225 tags


77 posts on God

60 on the Bible

I think my favourite posts were the ones about holidays, such as Rome and Skye.

Oh, and I have recieved 9063 hits!! Not too shabby!!

Hopefully I’ll be able to keep you posted on the trials and tribulations of student life in Edinburgh, bore you with theology stuff from lectures and keep the random videos, comments and links coming your way.

Happy 1st Blog Birthday!!


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