Church Search

This is a very bizarre concept.

For the first few weeks of term I’m supposed to visit different churches and find the one that is “right for me”.

I go, take my seat, consume whatever they have to offer, judge them on it and leave.

I find it really difficult.

I could, probably should, attend the nearest gospel preaching church and make it my home, start serving and getting involved, leave my expectations at the door and support my local church.

But that’s not what everyone tells you to do, nor is it what the very selfish part of me wants to do.

I’ve visited 3 great churches these past couple of weeks. One is really not at all local (like 20/30 minutes on the bus) and kind of written off for that reason. One is only a 30 minute walk away and the other is quite literally right next to halls. Both were full of lovely people, had good teaching and opportunities to serve. One I could get involved in straight away, plugged into existing stuff, the other might take a little more work. And there are still other churches I’d like to visit!

My only solution at the moment is to pray a lot and hope for writing in the sky or something! And soon too – I feel I give false hope of a new attendee to every one I visit and don’t like taking from them when I’m giving nothing back.

Finally, a piece of advice. I know how great it is to see friends who have been away all summer when they return but don’t forget about us petrified freshers in the corner!!


One thought on “Church Search

  1. Just surfing through, saw your post and it reminded me of my time at uni in Glasgow. There seemed to be some chruches that attracted a lot of students, but i never felt comfartable with that, maybe because i felt it was a bit like following the crowd. So me and i friend of mine ended up going to our local church, but that wasn’t before i had went through a couple of different churches. Even still i never felt fully interegrated knowing that i was only there for 10 weeks at a time and not atol during the summer holidays. The one good thing i did do at uni though was get involved with navigators student ministry which is a branch of the same people that publish the message. There Edinburgh branch has a website here

    Hope you find where you are supposed to be

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