Fresher’s Play

One of the things I was determined to do when I got to Edinburgh was get involved with the Edinburgh University Theatre Company, also known as Bedlam, as a technician. I’ve loved doing sound at church at home for a year or so now and figured this would be a great opportunity to further my “skills” and learn (a lot) of new ones. I went along to their workshop during fresher’s week and then signed up for the fresher’s play.

Over 100 freshers signed up and in the last week have written and choreographed an entire show. We were split into nine groups and given 7-10 minutes of stage time with the theme of “When I grow up”. Last night was opening night and it went pretty well. There are so many talented people involved! There’s not one weak sketch, each is unique and absolutely hilarious! I’m doing lighting for my groups which means pressing lots of buttons in the right order and on the right cues. I stressed for a while about doing it because it’s quite a big time commitment but as soon as we started rigging lights on Saturday and I got to play with the light board on Sunday I remembered how much I enjoy this stuff and that it is totally worth it!!

I hope to be able to get more involved throughout the year and help with different shows. A few of the 2nd years got to tech stuff at the Fringe this year and to have an opportunity like that would be immense.

If you’re in Edinburgh this week come to the Bedlam (Bristo Place) @ 7.30pm for an amazing show.


One thought on “Fresher’s Play

  1. Well done Rach. When you come home for Christmas can you do some training and show us how sound and lights should be done.

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