Perks of Studentdom

There are a few.

Two in particular apply today, however.

The first is more a perk of living in Edinburgh: Murrayfield. Twenty minutes or so on the bus and I can be at the Scottish rugby ground. Even better are the student tickets for just five pounds! Today my friend and I went to see Edinburgh play Ulster. Somehow we swapped allegiances and I ended up supporting Ulster, while he was supporting Edinburgh, despite being Irish. It was a great game, even closer than I expected with some good (and some not so good) rugby played. There are also a bunch of us going to the Scotland Fiji game in a few weeks time.

The second perk from today, and generally, is being able to buy books for “educational” purposes. I’ve now found an excuse to buy two books I’ve wanted for a while which, despite not being required reading, have appeared on reading lists or been recommended to us for our courses. Second hand bookshops are my new best friends and one day, in many weeks, when all the reading required for my million essays has been done, I’ll get round to reading these others too.


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