(picture by wwworks)

So I’ve decided this is yet another bizarre concept.

If you’d asked me just two months ago I could have told you, without any hesitation, that home was Aberdeen – probably more specifically my house and church. There are other places I have felt at home in at other times: I always felt particularly at home when we went to Belfast and in other places I’ve visited, including Skye and Austria.

What makes home home though? For me it’s a sense of peace and belonging, not wanting to be anywhere else but content in that place as you are and it is. My friends have said it’s where their parents or family are. Others think it is where they were born, where they’ve lived longest in their lives or where their fondest memories are.

I went back to Aberdeen two weekends ago – “home”. The entire time I was there I kept having to stop myself from calling Edinburgh home. As much as I loved being in Aberdeen and seeing everybody, coming back to Edinburgh brought a certain relief. It was really wierd. Having been homesick for the first few weeks it was strange that going back only made Edinburgh feel more like home. We’re 8 weeks in, with 5 or so to go, and I can’t believe that’s all it’s been or that there are so few left until Christmas! As much as being home will be lovely, I can already tell you I’m going to miss this place!

So now home is both Aberdeen and Edinburgh – please don’t be offended when I say it!


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