The mission of the church is found where the celebration of the Lord’s Supper and the creation of human fellowship are indissolubly joined. This is what it means in an active and concrete way to be the sacrament of salvation of the world.

– Gustavo Gutierrez, The Church: Sacrament of  History, Essential Writings (Orbis Books: Maryknoll NY, 1996) p.247

Is that all the church need be? Is it sufficient?

What do you think the Church should be?


One thought on “Church

  1. Good but incomplete. Very Roman Catholic (but that makes sense as Gutierrez is RC!!).

    You need to add something like…

    Where the risen Christ is proclaimed, and the community join in Gods mission (mission dei).

    Glad your reading big GG tho. He had a massive impact on me at uni.

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