Sorry for blackout these past few days, I’ve been indulging my technical geekiness elsewhere: primarily behind theatre lights.

I was teching Theatre Paradok’s Taming of the Shrew last week, waving coloured gels in front of lights to create cool effects, and had a great time. The production was immense – done in a Brechtian style (at least, I think that’s what it’s called), where the actors never technically entered or left the stage, engaged with the audience and burst in to song (we had Britney, Backstreet Boys and Justin Timberlake at various points@). It was also completely cross dressing which just added to the hilarity. The cast did a superb job and we techies had a great time eating biscuits, playing cards and occasionally remembering our cues!

Jason,Medea and my beautiful lightingThen it was straight into the greek tragedy Medea (literally straight into – took down Shrew lights after last show and went to rig Medea ones that same night). This was one of three shows put on in an afternoon set aside for freshers at Bedlam Theatre. It involved a lot of torment, death and chilling screams. I don’t think one person could have left the theatre feeling anything less than despair. And I had to watch it 3 times! For this one, though, I got to play god at the lighting desk – much fun with lots of buttons. There’s one problem with me being a techy, however: my fear of heights. So I generally spend a lot of time footing ladders or if I’m lucky I get to patch everything and label the desk which just indulges my OCD organisation tendencies! 🙂

All of this has meant a lot of late nights(/early mornings – the record was 3am), missing lectures for the first time and not starting revision for exams – which are next week by the way. It was worth it though, lots of laughs, new skills learned and general banter had.

It does, however, leave me with the same predicament as ever – where do I invest my time? Here or in the other things I really wanted to do when I got to uni? I’ll save that for another post perhaps.


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