Christmas – probably part 1

Edit: I feel this post was perhaps a little harsh. I’m going to leave it here but would like to reassure everyone that our family rivalry is all done in jest and that my brother and I have now rectified the tree situation.

I know I bored you with this last year (Christmas ’08) but I’ve just got off the phone with my dad and need to alert the world to the fact that terrible things have happened.

Firstly, they are putting up the tree without me. Yes, I said I didn’t mind when they did it but putting it up only a few hours before I get home smacks a little of “we can’t be bothered and don’t care enough to wait”. And despite what they’ll try to tell you they did say, when they hadn’t done it by last weekend, that they would wait for me to be home tonight. I’d gotten my hopes up and am now a little miffed. Sorry for shouting. (You might not be able to hear but all of that was shouted in my head)

What makes it even worse, however, is that the dreaded beads are back. I have succeeded for the past 3 years in hiding my mum’s strings of beads before she could get them on the tree (and ruin it). The boys however have not been as vigilant. I’ll be lucky if I get home and the star is on top instead of the ridiculous poinsettia thing.

Here, for you and them (because I know they’ll read this), is how the tree is supposed to look:


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