So I mentioned the other day that I’d decided to do something with some money I could survive without.

(My mum’s already panicking)

Before I go any further I want to reassure you this is not a decision I made rashly but something I’ve been thinking about and wanting to do for a long time. I’ve done my maths and my homework – everything is under control.

A number of the people whose blogs I read (Heather, Los and Anne) are involved in a charity called Compassion, which I too have mentioned a couple of times. It’s a Christian charity through which you sponsor a child in a developing country and from your monthly donation they receive an education, meals, clothing and shoes, medical check-ups and support for their family.

I think you’ve already guessed where this is going (and my mum is probably properly freaking out now).

Please meet Enrique

Is he not just beautiful?!

He’s six years old. He’s from Honduras in Central America. Apparently he likes to play ball games and with cars.

Now I get to write to him, pray for him and support him, hopefully until he is able to leave school healthy and happy and make his own way in the world.

It’s not a small commitment but it is a small sacrifice.

I took the plunge because I didn’t want to be a hypocrite any more.

So I have one less Starbucks coffee in a week or one less drink in the pub on a Saturday. I don’t buy the things I don’t need. I stop shopping in FatFace. I read all the books I already have instead of adding another one to my collection.

He gets an education. He gets clothes. He gets to learn about Jesus. He gets love. He gets life.

If I can do this, you can too.

And in case you still need convincing, watch the video below and see the impact Compassion has on people’s lives.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I’ll be keeping you up to date with his news too and would love if you could join with me in praying for him and his family, and children like him, and less fortunate than him, everywhere.

“Truly I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me” Matt 25:40

(Dad, you can pick mum up off the floor now, tell her it was a dream or something?)


6 thoughts on “Enrique

  1. Too late she is already sending the collection men around 😉

    Well done proud of you 🙂

    Ad will be wondering if this is his pay rise gone down the swannie XXXX

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  3. Hi Rach Thse are the words of a Salvation army song the words say it all. Well done!!!
    Try google for a MP3 version of this song its great. Bruce
    The Saviour of men came to seek and to save
    The souls who were lost to the good;
    His Spirit was moved for the world which he loved
    With the boundless compassion of God.
    And still there are fields where the laborers are few,
    And still there are souls without bread,
    And still eyes that weep where the darkness is deep,
    And still straying sheep to be led.

    Except I am moved with compassion,
    How dwelleth thy Spirit in me?
    In word and in deed
    Burning love is my need;
    I know I can find this in thee.

    O is not the Christ ‘midst the crowd of today
    Whose questioning cries do not cease?
    And will he not show to the hearts that would know
    The things that belong to their peace?
    But how shall they hear if the preacher forbear
    Or lack in compassionate zeal?
    Or how shall hearts move with the Master’s own love,
    Without his anointing and seal?

    It is not with might to establish the right,
    Nor yet with the wise to give rest;
    The mind cannot show what the heart longs to know
    Nor comfort a people distressed.
    O Saviour of men, touch my spirit again,
    And grant that thy servant may be
    Intense every day, as I labor and pray,

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