God: He/She/It?

At the end of my theology tutorial yesterday our tutor told us that we shouldn’t use gender terms when referring to God in our work, nor or are we to use Man but always humanity.

Another instance of political correctness gone mad? Or just good scholarship?

I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to do it – referring to God as He is just so natural. I know that technically he (see I did it again!) possibly doesn’t have a gender but in my head he (stuff it – I can’t help it!) is Father, therefore, male. He certainly has characteristics which we would perhaps consider to be more stereotypically feminine – compassion, caring, peace – and Jesus even compares himself to a mother hen (Luke 13:34). Are we wrong in labeling God as male? Surely not when the Bible (and Jesus) refers to him as Father time and again. Is that merely for the benefit of aiding our understanding of our relationship with him? If so, why shouldn’t we honour it?

All seems like madness to me!

(. . . Much like using BCE and CE (Before/Common Era) instead of BC and AD – but thats a rant for another day!)


2 thoughts on “God: He/She/It?

  1. What kind of tutors do you actually have? First, the dude with the “did Paul write Ephesians” question… (I’ll get over that one day I promise) and now “should we call God a he”…The Psalms are FULL of people saying Praise HIM, HE is good, etc. There are many things we cannot understand about our incredible God but this is not something to waste time discussing. The Bible is full of HE. We should call Him a him because the Bible does. Am I being too simplistic?

    • I agree with you completely Pamela! As Louis kept telling me, i can’t believe everything they say! I don’t think I can change my thinking on this one, they might just have to deal with it and lower my mark a little 🙂

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