I found me a church

Hello everybody!!!

Apologies for my almost month(!!) of silence – there’s been a lot happening here in Edinburgh and time has had to be devoted to other things.

Possibly the most important and exciting piece of news that I should have filled people in on is that I’ve finally settled in a church here.

*enter crazy dance of celebration here*

Thank you to everyone who has been praying about this for me, God came up trumps as per usual.

So I’m going here:

It’s called Community Church Edinburgh and I love it!!

There are quite a few students but still a good mix of folk in the congregation (there seems to be quite a baby boom at the moment too!) and for some reason there’s relatively large number of divinity students about the place.

It’s a little more charismatic than church at home but has a similar family feel and plenty of ways I can be involved and supported. We’re having a week of 24-7 prayer in two weeks and I’m helping to organise it a little.

The sermon series of the past few weeks has been Sex and Sexuality and I’d realy recommend listening to Rupert’s talks if you have the time (though I will warn you they’re usually an hour long – a little different to the 20 minutes I’m used to at home!).

I’m really excited to be a part of this community and find out what God’s got planned for me here, just wish I’d made up my mind a little sooner!!


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