It was a joyous evening on Wednesday when Faye joined me here in Edinburgh for a wee jaunt to see the ginger-dreadlocked legend that is Newton Faulkner.

I love him.

But before I begin to attempt to convey to you the wonder that was his set, the support was also brilliant.

It was a guy called Charlie Winston, who I’d never heard of but liked very much. He’s a bit more jazzy than Newton but Faye and I particularly approved of his inclusion of the mouth organ. I’ve since found his album on spotify – give it a listen if you can – or he’s got a number of videos on YouTube. My favourite song was “My life as a duck” – don’t worry we had to do a double take when we heard it too. But here for your listening pleasure is Like a Hobo

So that was grand and then Newton came on and it all just got better!

He makes a guitar make noises it shouldn’t – genius is not exaggerating. He plays the whole show himself, stripping back the few songs that do have a band on his record, and uses organ pedals to create a little backing. When he needs to include something cool like the melodica or his backing vocals he presses another button which makes them play and a video of him playing it come up on screen. One of the best bits was when he used a cassette player (yes, I do remember what those are) and a freestanding mic to include the strings part of the song.

He had some great banter with the crowd and was so chilled about the whole thing you might as well have been sitting in his living room! I loved it, and the second album, which I wasn’t so sure about, has definitely gone up in my estimations.

Spotify/YouTube him if you have the chance.My favourite track at the minute is I’m not giving up yet.

This is This is It (with peddals and everything)


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