Events Week

So I’m very behind on everything that has been going on around here but a few weeks ago was the Edinburgh Uni Christian Union Events Week.

This is a week where the CU puts on a heap of evangelistic events in order to share the gospel with as many people on campus as possible. This year there were lunch bars galore, an acoustic night in one of the clubs, a sports quiz in the student union, a black tie dinner in a posh hotel and, of course, we mustn’t forget the messy olympics in the meadows. Every event includes a gospel presentation of some sort and this year we even had the “professionals” in as teams from Christians in Sport and UCCF joined in the fun.

As well as all this, the accommodation small groups were encouraged to host a few events to invite people in halls to. We had a dinner, a pancake evening and held small group in my room one night in order to make it a little more accessible.

In the weeks running up to events week there were lots of challenging discussions at CU about how to share your faith and the immensity of the message which God has given us to share. At small group we each committed to praying for three of our friends every day and were continually encouraging one another to have the, sometimes difficult and daunting, Jesus conversations with our friends.

This was a very exciting time and God answered so many prayers.

It stupidly bemused me when he did so but we all know I’m a little slow on the uptake with these things. I found that God would come up in conversation a whole lot more, that friends were suddenly asking bold questions completely out of the blue, one friend ended up at an event and heard the gospel completely by accident and on the friday everyone from my group of friends in halls came to the dinner and heard the Good News of Jesus.

I realised, however, more accutely than before perhaps,  that inviting my friends to an event isn’t witness enough, nor is it going to introduce them to Jesus. Instead, it probably just gets rather irritating. I came away from the week challenged that the times my friends learn the most about Jesus is when we’re having a conversation about him. Its when I’m with them in the pub and he comes up in conversation and I’m not too chicken to talk about it. Inviting them to things has a time and a place but there’s a lot of ground work to do before that.

I think the week was a great success, though we may never know its full impact until we stand in Heaven and meet people for whom it was just the first step.

Praise God, that he answers prayers and equips his people when he sends them out!


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