General Election

I would label this post one but fear I may never get round to posting a second, what with my shocking blogging schedule at the moment, so we’ll go as general as possible.

Isn’t it all rather exciting!

This will be the first time I’ve voted in a general election and it would seem an excellent election to be a part of!

I’ve been reading manifestos and having many discussions with friends. I’ve watched three debates so far and know my way around the BBC Election website very well now.

The TV debates have been particularly interesting. I think they are good for getting the public interested and involved, and conveying policy to people who wouldn’t go and read a manifesto. I understand people’s concerns because we aren’t just voting for a prime minister, we’re voting for a party. However, if this can get politics more into the public square and start to get people discussing I can’t say it’s a bad thing.

This whole voting malarky is a little difficult – there’s no one party I can fully get on board with. I like the Conservatives idea of smaller government and bigger society in principle but I don’t think it works when enforced from the top down. I don’t have any major issues with Labour but they’re suddenly promising things they’ve had years to do and things I can’t see them actually following through on or accomplishing. The LibDems are probably a little to liberal for me when it comes to moral issues but I like their no trident thing, their tax break on the first £10000 of income and their apparent openness to politicians working together (though that may be more out of necessity!). I’m also in favour of voting and house of Lord reforms.

So many things to think about!

On a lighter note, there are some fun things out there which can “help” you decide:

Political Compass – uses some questions to help you figure out if you’re more politically aligned with Ghandi or Stalin (guess where I am?!)

Vote Match – really is supposed to help you figure out your voting preference

MyDavidCameron – this might be a little more biased, though not as you’d think!

Much fun!


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