Beach Trip

More church models tomorrow (if any of you actually care) but for now a wee story about my day, because I know how much y’all enjoy those!

I’ve now finished my exams and, thus, first year of university (*sobs*), as have many of my friends from New College (i.e. that place where we study theology), so it was decided that in order to celebrate we would take a wee trip to the beach!!!!!

I was very excited.

As much as I love living in Edinburgh city centre – and I do – I also miss living by the seaside.

So we took a train 30 minutes and 20 something miles along the track to the lovely wee town of North Berwick. Despite the terrible forecast we enjoyed a good four hours in the sun, playing frisbee and paddling.

It was, in a word, immense!

It was so much fun: up to my waist in the (rather cold) sea, getting way to competitive at frisbee, generally bantering about. It was also very exciting to be there as my friend got baptised! And all of it without any guilt because I ought to have been studying (as was the case with the 14 hour Harry Potter marathon last week) just sheer joy 🙂

I’m so blessed to have made the amazing friends that I have. I love them all so much. It’s bizarre to think we only met eight months ago and even crazier to think that I’m not going to see these people, who I speak to or see every day, for fifiteen weeks over the summer *sobs even more*

I’m currently in a lot of pain as all the muscles in my legs have seized up and my back and stomach muscles aren’t doing so well after I made a spectacular frisbee dive/catch but I loved every minute of it and am looking forward to more amazing adventures!


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