I spent the last few days with my family in London, a little surprise addition to my parents Swiss rail holiday. It’s been ten years since my first visit to London and I didn’t exactly fall in love with the city then. The size and busyness of it all scared me a little then, and though that part of it has probably gotten worse rather than better, I’m less likely to get trampled now, so I’m a  little more able to cope!

After walking through some of the city and seeing numerous famous sites, including Buckingham Palace and the Houses of Parliament, we went to the Tower of London. It was really interesting! Lots of murderous history and brilliant exhibits, including armour from throughout the centuries and, of course, the crown jewels. S-H-I-N-Y!!!! Mum and I then walked down the Thames and crossed the (thankfully not too wobbly) millennium bridge to go to the Tate Modern. I’m not a huge fan of lots of old school landscapes and portraits but do love more modern art. We saw pieces by Matisse and Picasso, Warhol and Lichtenstein. I think my favourite exhibition was Dalam by Simryn Gill, a collection of photographs of the interior of 240 Malaysian living rooms. I love that every room tells a different story and we have no idea if the story we concoct is true or not. On Monday evening went to see Avenue Q – “about the lovably hopeless characters on a downtown New York street trying to make sense of life’s burning issues: love, work, relationships and, above all, just how are you supposed to pay the bills with a BA in English?” It was hilarious and the songs were really catchy, definitely one to see. Oh, and it has puppets.

On Tuesday we spent the day at the Imperial War Museum, looking at tanks and uniforms and posters and just anything and everything from both world wars. They have brilliant interactive trench and blitz “experiences” too and the cafe was serving food made from WW2 rationing recipes. We spent most of the afternoon in the Holocaust exhibition which, other than Auschwitz itself, has to be the best one I’ve seen. It covers two floors of the museum and every aspect of the Holocaust; a vital educational resource for people from around the world. In the evening we went to see The Lion King!!

It. Was. AMAZING!!!

I’ve wanted to see it for forever (Lion King was and is my favourite ever Disney movie) and it completely lived up to my very high expectations. In fact, just so you understand how happy I was to be there, and how it absolutely brilliant it was, I’ll even admit that I cried during the opening! (Cut me some slack okay, it’s very emotional!)

We just had time on our last morning for the boys to go to the natural history museum to see dinosaurs and the girls went to the Victoria and Albert Museum. Tapestries, theatre stuff, jewellery and architecture. You could spend a week in there and I’d love to go back and look properly some time.

So, it was a brilliant few days in the capital, plenty sight seeing, though with all the walking my feet need a holiday of their own!


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