Rocky’s Plaice – Holiday Club 2010

Well, it’s come and gone for yet another year: the annual bonanza that is Holiday Club!

This year it was all set in a fish and chip shop called “Rocky’s Plaice”. We had about 120/130 kids (including up to 40 under5’s) learning about Peter and the first church. I think we all felt a little rushed and under-prepared going into this Holiday Club but God was certainly prepared and did mighty things through our feeble efforts!

In another change from last year, I was back to leading a group and this year it was Primary 3s aka the “Sausage Suppers”. They were a really fantastic group of kids who behaved and listened extremely well. My other group leaders more than deserve a mention: Dave and Melissa did a fantastic job, putting up with my stressing and tiredness and teaching the childers.

But what, I hear you ask, did I learn from Holiday Club 2010?! Two thing. One, I was reminded of the awesome power of God, particularly in the face of our weakness. Two, I’m saving for another post!

As much as I loved being upfront and groupless last year, there’s something about getting to know a bunch of 18 kids in a week and seeing them grow in faith and understanding, as God reveals himself to them, in that time. Seeing children who cried when they came in on the Monday arrive with a huge smile on their face on the Friday; seeing children who were very quiet and reserved form friendships and start to speak out in group discussions; seeing kids who you don’t think are picking up a single thing you’re teaching, seeking out a Bible to read and turning straight to the story of the cross; seeing children make a whole-hearted commitment to follow the King of Kings. God did so many amazing things and answered all my prayers.

Unfortunately, this year Imagine clashed with Holiday Club but we did make it out to Inverurie for a couple of evenings. It was good to be able to take some of the youths out to the festival especially, to let them experience and see them enjoy a very different kind of worship. The legend that is Tre Sheppard was there on one of the nights, encouraging us to see and do the extraordinary in ordinary circumstances. On the Saturday, Chuck gave much he same talk he always gives on the last night – go and do, don’t let it stop here! The worship this year was brilliant, they always choose good songs, and particularly powerful I found (i.e. I cried).

But, alas, it all must end. Though, as Louis said, this is just one part of our mission work which we must continue in.

Praise God for all he did!!


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