Skye, the 2nd

A few weeks ago my good friend Faye moved to the beautiful Isle of Skye for her probationary teaching year and it just seemed good mannered that we go and visit her as she settled in.

So Ruth skived work for a few days (or took a legit holiday, but skived sounds more fun!) and she, Stef, and I, headed North West once more.

I know you’re sick of me saying this, but it is the most beautiful place EVER!

It gets me: every time.

We didn’t do too much: Buffy the Vampire box sets, Sheepskin shopping, pub lunch, kilt rock, fairy glen and church. Nice and peaceful, just what was required.

It was great to be able to spend a last few days with Faye, Stef and Ruth before coming back to Edinburgh. I don’t know if they’ll believe me when I say it but, I really do miss them (and Pamela too) when I’m down here.

There was one particularly adventurous part of our trip and that was the journey home. We managed to take the Perth road out of Inverness (none of us is sure how) so had to take a wee detour over the Lecht to make it back to Aberdeen.

It led us to stunning scenery, such as this:

Good huh?

I will be the first to admit, however, that I was not entirely at ease with this – not so – minor detour. Unscheduled change never goes down well with control freaks like me. I thought it was very telling that, despite my insistence that I was fine, Stef and Ruth both knew I was freaking out a little in the back seat. They know me too well!

But we made it in one piece (despite Ruth’s tendency towards road rage) and with some cracking memories to add to the Skye collection!


3 thoughts on “Skye, the 2nd

  1. “I was freaking out a little in the back seat.”
    It was ‘a little’ more than that modest account. And ruth had no road rage what so ever on the lecht road! Infact she drove like a pensioner the rest of the time!
    And maggie did not get enought of a mention in the blog post. But I take it she is getting her own. Shall I get you pictures to accompany it?
    x x x

    • pictures would be good – then we can have a poll as to who is prettier – eoghan or maggie – and i think i know who’ll win :p

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