I’m a growed up now

Last Monday was a big day: moving day!

You’ll remember the drama of us trying to find a flat and the joy when we did, well, it was finally time to move in.

Having only viewed the flat once (and rather quickly) there were some nerves about whether or not it was as good as I remembered. Rocked up at the estate agent’s (late, thanks to my mother) and spent an hour and half (!) reading tenancy agreements, asking questions (such as, can we nail things to the wall? and what happens if the landlord’s mortgage falls through?) before finally being handed the keys.


So, I’ve spent the week pretending to be a grown up. Cooking, cleaning, paying bills, shopping for things for the flat and generally getting organised. It’s a bit weird. I keep expecting a real adult to walk through the door and tell me I’m doing it wrong. Does it ever feel real?

It is fun though. Turn’s out I’m very houseproud and, when there’s no TV to distract me, I’m quite happy to get on with houseworky stuff. The best bit is having the space to have people over for dinner or even just coffee. Cooked cottage pie and baked a cake for five people last night!! The mountain of dishes afterwards wasn’t quite so appealing, but, again, you just get on with it , don’t you.

I’m learning a lot about controlling my control freakishness as well. I think my obsession with tidiness and cleanliness is somewhat scaring my flat mate. And it’s tricky for me to keep my mouth shut when something isn’t being done as I think it should, but I’m learning already. It’s also tough being sociable all the time: I’m quite used to escaping to my own space and now there’s someone in it most of the time. I guess we’ll all adjust with time.

So, if you’re ever in the vicinity, do just pop in. There’s bound to be a cake or fine piece waiting.


4 thoughts on “I’m a growed up now

    • they were left because we had to leave sharpish for the rugby so i did them in the morning – baked on potato and beef . . . just what you want on a saturday!

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