Worship (2)

I’ve just started reading Curating Worship by Jonny Baker.

It’s a very interesting look at a different way of leading and doing worship. Continuing on from the previous conversation we had here about worship, in a way, I wanted to share a short quote with you.

In many church circles the only gifts that are valued for worship are musical ones (and even then of a small range of music) or the ability to speak well (preferably in a  good English accent). This attitude needs shattering, and opening up so that poets, photographers, ideas people, geeks, theologians, liturgists, designers, writers, cooks, politicians, architects, movie-makers, storytellers, parents, campaigners, children, bloggers, DJs, VJs, craft-makers, or just anybody who comes and is willing to bounce ideas around, can get involved.

So, who’s planning and partaking in you worship this Sunday? How does your worship reflect that?

I’ll let you know more when I finish the book.


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